2012 Waltz Me Around by the Stag Line, Willie  (Songs for Sale, 1952)    [Jan]
There'll Be Some Changes Made  (Tonight Show w/ Steve Allen, 1955)    [Feb]
Not Like a Sister    [Apr]
Bo Weevil    [May]
Get That Ball    [Jun]
Dr. Pepper Jingle    [Jul]
There's Nothin' as Lonesome as Saturday Night    [Nov]
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus    [Dec]

2011 How Could I Believe You...****    [Jan]
Oceana Roll****    [Feb]
When You and I Were Young Maggie Blues****  (Duet w/ Bing Crosby)    [Mar]
Alexander's Ragtime Band****    [Apr]
The Wang Wang Blues****    [May]
Roll Them Roly Boly Eyes****    [Aug]
****Audio series from 1951-1952 broadcasts of the Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show.
Christmas Cookies and Holiday Hearts    [Dec]

2010 Gatsby's    [Jan]
When it's Sleepy Time Down South    [May]
New York, New York    [Jun]
Tonight I Sleep Alone    [Jul/Aug]
Teddy    [Sep]
My Melancholy Baby    [Oct]
Noodlin' Rag****  (Duet w/ Bing Crosby)    [Nov]
Deck the Halls / Away in a Manger    [Dec]

2009 Sometimes I'm Happy (Sometimes I'm Blue)**    [Jan]
New Orleans**    [Feb]
That's When the Music Takes Me**    [Mar]
Hang It Up and Let It Go**    [Apr]
**Unreleased versions recorded live at Carnegie Hall, 4/5/1978.
If You Want Some Lovin'***    [May]
I'm the Lonesomest Gal in Town***    [Jun]
Honky Tonkin'***    [Jul]
Music Music Music***    [Aug]
Ol' Man Mose***    [Sep]
***Audio from Snader Telescriptions (music videos,) 1951.
Whirlpool    [Oct]
Older and Wiser    [Nov]
Jingle Bells / Santa Claus is Comin' to Town    [Dec]

2008 Pretty Lookin' Boy    [Jan]
Thoroughly Modern Millie    [Feb]
Jimmy    [Mar]
That Piano Man    [Apr]
Sittin' Here Cryin'    [May]
My Cabin of Dreams*    [Jun]
Everybody, Hands Off*    [Jul]
Snuggled On Your Shoulders*    [Aug]
Wild Butterfly*    [Sep]
Don't Let Me Stand in Your Way*    [Oct]
Oh How I Wish I Could Sleep*    [Nov]
*Unreleased Teresa Brewer songs featured only on the website.
Take a Message to Jesus    [Dec]

2007 If There are Stars in My Eyes    [Jan]
Chain of Friendship    [Feb]
You're Telling Our Secrets    [Mar]
Easter Parade    [Apr]
Keep Your Cotton Pickin' Paddies Offa My Heart    [May]
Russian Lullaby    [Jun]
When I Lost You    [Jul]
No Way, Conway    [Aug]
A Good Man is Hard To Find    [Sep]
What More Is There To Say    [Oct]
The Colors of My Life    [Nov]
Too Fat For the Chimney    [Dec]

2006 Day By Day (1970s)    [Jan]
For the Heart    [Feb]
Hello Bluebird    [Mar]
Somewhere There's Someone Who Loves You    [Apr]
Where Did the Good Times Go    [May]
Music Music Music    [Jun]
Stormy Weather    [Jul]
It's Siesta Time    [Aug]
Say Something Sweet to Your Sweetheart    [Sep]
I Love You Drops    [Oct]
Texas Leather and Mexican Lace    [Nov]
Down the Holiday Trail    [Dec]

2005 What a Wonderful World    [Jan]
My Happiness    [Feb]
Together    [Mar]
You'll Never Know    [Apr]
Cool Water    [May]
For All We Know    [Jun]
Hawaii Moon    [Jul]
Once A Day    [Aug]
Willie Burgundy    [Sep]
Satellite    [Oct]
Nora Malone    [Nov]
The Christmas Song    [Dec]

2004 The Colors of My Life    [Apr]
Smile (1964)    [May]
More Than You Know    [Jun]
Always Been the Best    [Jul]
My Buddy    [Aug]
How Deep Is the Ocean    [Sep]
You're My Everything    [Oct]
Always    [Nov]
Jingle Bell Rock    [Dec]