My name is Dave Bentz. I DJ'd for the American Forces Radio and Television Service for a number of years as Doctor Dave...The Doctor of Doo-Wop and Musical Madness. I broadcast to the foxholes and played a lot of Terry Brewer songs. Fact is, we loved you, Terry, and we still do. What you did for music will never happen again in my lifetime. Thanks for what you did over the years. I, personally, think you are one of the greatest ladies of the 50's.
My name is Teresa Rogers Davis. My parents met and married in the 1950's. While I have no knowledge of Teresa Brewer's career or the details of her life, I do know that my parents were so taken with her that they named me after her. True story! My parents were on a trip to Las Vegas and were invited backstage to meet Ms. Brewer. My father was quite taken with her and decided instantly that if he ever had a daughter he would name her Teresa. And so he did. Tonight on public television a special came on that spotlighted one of your songs and I remembered the story I had heard all of my life. I have never known anything about Ms. Brewer other than her name. I hope to learn more from this website!
Will you please marry me? What a question. You don't even know me. As a fan, I of course know you. We're of the same decade & your music filled my life all through my air force carreer. Over the years of travelling the world with my lovely Wife, who died last year, I lost touch with you & your music. Then a few weeks ago, I bought a Bud Abbot & Lou Costello DVD & you were on it! Strewth! I actually got to see you. It made my day. So I thought, I'm going to see what happened to you, Teresa Brewer, & here I am. The marriage proposal thing is not as impossible as it may seem from someone who has seen eighteen countries over twenty-seven years, owns land in Missouri, a home in Arkansas, a boat in the Dominican Republic & a flat in the UK & I am a music freak. You never know, Teresa!
[Some background: Jim tours with Joan Baez who, with her sister, used to sing Teresa Brewer songs when they were growing up. Every so often on the tour bus, Joan will take out her guitar and sing -- especially for Jim's enjoyment, but also for her own -- songs such as "Pledging My Love," "Till I Waltz Again with You," and "Let Me Go, Lover!" At the time of this note, Jim was on tour with Joan and sent the following...]

Thought you'd like this tale from the road. While touring with Joan Baez, I was singing Music! Music! Music! on Joan's tour bus. Later, during the soundcheck in Chicago, Graham, her bass player, started playing the song...and Joan joined in. They had a lot of fun with it. During that night's show, Joan turned to Graham and said, "Let's do our special song for the audience." They then performed Music! Music! Music! complete with Joan Baez doing her best Teresa Brewer-styled vocals. It was a hoot and a half. And the audience LOVED it.

My father passed away last week at age 78. Back in the 60s he was a disc jockey at WORC radio in Worcester, Mass. He had met a lot of famous people during those days either at the radio station or at clubs like the Monticello in Framingham, Blinstrum's Nightclub in Boston, or the El Morocco in Worcester. You were one of the people he used to talk about frequently. We came across photos he had taken with you back then although I can't tell where (probably at WORC). Anyway we included it on the photo collage we made for his wake and funeral services; yours was right next to the ones he had of Connie Francis and Kathryn Grayson. It's funny how we found so many photos of Dad with woman stars and not the male stars (they were usually solo shots or autographed pictures). That was Dad; a charismatic flirt with an eye for beautiful women. He was like that until the day he died!!
I have enjoyed your music for a very long time as all the world has. I wanted to wish you well and to say God Bless. Your song Music! Music! Music! was a great hit and your voice outstanding. God keep you well.
We were married in church in 1956. The youth group was testing their sound system on the lower level, and as we were getting married in the church, the sound of Teresa Brewer's Let me Go Lover was heard throughout the church. I loved it, and will never forget it.
My Name is Teresa Rae "Sissy" Hunt and I was born in 1971. When I asked my parents how they picked my name, they said that it was from you, Teresa Brewer the "country singer." The weird thing is that I am quite the singer. I never pursued it because I felt school and my two boys where more important. They are now 19 and 16. I have never heard any of your music or seen anything about you until I Googled your name. I would like to hear some of your music some day, and my stepdad would like us to sing together. He likes your music; he is the one who named me. Have a nice day.
Just wanted to let you know how very much I have appreciated your songs throughout your career. When I began singing at the age of 3 (1949), it was not unusual to hear me singing one of your songs right through my teens and even now. I do not know why, but today A Sweet Old Fashioned Girl (Scooba-da-doo-be-doop!) has been running through my head. As I sit here smiling, I realize that your songs have always made me happy. Thanks so much!
I just want to say how munch I enjoy your music. They don't play good music like yours any more. I just want to say back in 1957 when I first heard you singing, and saw a picture of you, I had a crush on you as I still do today. You are a beautiful woman today as you where back in 1957 and you have four beautiful daughters also. I wish I could see you on one of the TV talk shows or in Atlantic City. Thank you for all the wonderful songs you sang -- I have them on CDs. Best wishes to you and your family.
You are my all time favorate singer of the fifties and sixties. I grew up listening to you on the jukebox. My favorites were Till I Waltz Again With You and Music! Music! Music!. It's great to see pictures of you and your family on your website. The internet just brings the world so near and dear. You kept me from getting so homesick when I was a long way from home in the military. Thanks for all the wonderful music.
I'll just use this opportunity to let you know that I am a big Teresa Brewer fan, I love the website, have been in touch with Bill Munroe (15 years ago he arranged for me to do a 45-minute phone interview with Teresa!) and that I wish Teresa all the best! She is a wonderful talent and a wonderfully gracious lady.
I am 29 years old and was introduced to Teresa's music by my father. I grew up listening to the likes of Teresa Brewer, Connie Francis and others. But Teresa is my father's favourite and therefore, mine! Thankfully, some things are passed down in generations. ...Most people my age do not know who my favourite singers are! I get the weirdest looks at music shops and record fairs, etc., when I approach people and ask about Teresa Brewer. I have often been asked if I was looking for records/CDs for my parents and I proudly say, "No, they have that one already. I am looking for a copy for myself."
I am a 50 something year old man and I still love Teresa. I think that she was and still is the greatest singer of all times. I wish we could turn back time and let the new generation hear Teresa, I am sure that they would love her singing as much as I do.
My boyfriend gave me some CDs with all 50s music. One of the songs was Music Music Music. Just listening to that song made me feel like a little girl again (I am 53 now). My late dad loved your singing. I had to play it a couple of times, I just enjoyed it so much. You have a great voice. If you ever are performing in the New York area, I would love to see you. Also, I saw a picture of you taken in 1991 and you looked so young. I love to sing also. I sing all the time and love to go to places that have Karaoke. If I ever see Music Music Music on the song list, I am going to sing it. I guess singing keeps you looking young!
Teresa -- I remember listening to your singing back in the early 50s. I thought you were the best. So many years have gone by and so many things have changed in our world since then except for one thing -- I still think you are the best. Your singing has brought so much happiness to many people. I wish the very best for you and thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with us all.
I remember back then, to WSAI in Dayton, Ohio -- such swell sounds of your recordings. Thanks for all the memories. Godspeed!
I thought I was doing pretty good when my collection of Teresa Brewer songs reached over 400 and was surprised when I found she had done over 600. It looks like I have some further digging to do. I've been a fan for over 40 years and still love to hear her voice. I went to see one of Teresa's performances at Blinstrub's in Boston and ended up staying for both performances that evening, I liked the show so much.