I'm 16, and it may be rare for you to receive an email from someone who has experienced your music in the "wrong" era. My sister and I know mainly your song Music Music Music -- which we refer to fondly as "the nickelodeon song." I am emailing you because your song gave us something that nobody else has. My Poppy (grandfather) is 74 and he is very hard of hearing. We have to yell at him every time we want to share exciting news, good grades, or just talking about everyday things. He started losing his hearing about 30 years ago, and he lost the opportunity to listen to newer music. Instead, he sings all of the old classics still fresh in his mind and teaches them to my 20-year-old sister, my three male cousins ages 15, 11, and 8, and me. We love it. Anyway, one night at my grandparent's house, my Poppy put on your record. We all started to sing along and we listened to Music Music Music about 7 times. The record player had to be on an excruciating volume so my Poppy could hear it. The whole night revealed to my sister and I a little taste of my grandpa before he went deaf. He was laughing and joking and he was happier than either of us had ever seen him. On the drive home that night, my sister, mom, and I cried, all touched by the special and rare experience we had just had.
We were all sitting around before Christmas listening to a music channel on satellite when your song, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus came on. We began to reminisce about how our late Aunt Margaret loved that particular rendition as well as all of your performances. Thanks, and have a Happy New Year!
Thank you for making those recordings that I listened to every day while doing my home work in high school. I will ask to have a few played at our 50 year class reunion this June.
It must have been in the 1950s. My wife and I were at Maneros Steak House in Greenwich, CT -- when Teresa came in with some friends. We recognized her immediately but, like everyone else there, we tried not to show our pleasure at seeing her by making any comment. We played it cool. Then, as she was seated, we heard the waiters start to sing, from the kitchen, "put another nickel in, in the nickelodeon..." It was so much fun! We remember it to this day. Best wishes to you Teresa.
I was so pleased to hear an old Teresa Brewer recording today. It was played on 106.3 FM, Palm Harbor, Florida. Wonderful memories came flooding back. Ms. Brewer brought joy to many music lovers of the 1950s and I thank her so much. I hope she and her family are well and happy. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts with your club.
My Grandma told me once while the Muppets were on with guest Teresa Brewer, that we were distant relatives of hers! I was a little girl then and watched her sing -- thinking, "I bet I could sing that!" But no -- I know that I sound like a frog but I do like to belt out singing now and then. I would sing Music Music Music a lot, just after hearing her sing it on the Muppets. It's always been one of my favorite songs and I just wanted to thank Teresa for the happiness it brought me.
When I was three years old, I wanted to grow up to be Teresa Brewer – you should have heard me sing Ricochet! I still love all the music and all the fun memories… and I’d still like to grow up to be Teresa Brewer!
We came from a working class area and every year a funfair would come to the area. It was all we looked forward to all year. All over the loudspeaker system we listened to A Tear Fell and Bo Weevil. Thanks for brightening our days and nights. A tear still falls when I hear your voice.
In early 1953 I was in Marine boot camp at San Diego where we had few pleasant experiences to recall. We did during that time get to attend a couple of movies. The base was a giant place and at night when we went to the movie it was very dark and not a sound anywhere. The theatre did, however, have a very loud outside P.A. system for various reasons and on movie night it blared current music. I dont remember any other song I heard there but I remember like it was yesterday -- Teresa's Till I Waltz Again With You. If you can imagine that vast space, being away from home among strange people many of whom were very frightening to a boy, the eerie atmosphere produced by being near the water where many sounds are muted and some strangely make echos and always at night a slight haze. The chemistry and environment of all of that and the compelling power of Teresa's voice being sent out on high volume over that large, silent and almost spooky place simply made it one of those things that for no known reason just pops up occasionally in my thoughts.
Teresa Brewer is our favorite singer of all times. I began to buy all of her records when I was a teenager and have kept collecting her recordings all my life. Nothing makes me happier than sitting down to an evening of listening to my old recordings. Thank you Teresa for putting your heart into your music and music into my life.
Hi from Tennessee Music City. Just wanted you to know I am one more lifelong fan and appreciate all you have recorded for us to enjoy. My first record purchase of yours was Music the EP 45 Album. I loved it and even thoough I had to sell it (sob!) I remembered the songs and have recently bought 2 of the EPs and 2 of the albums, all in mint condition. I just bought my first CD player this week and have 3 Teresa CDs. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful talent.
Thanks for the great website. We so fondly remember spending hours listening to Teresa Brewer's songs while gathered around the big stereo in our living room. Also, the wonderful TV shows she used to do! What an amazing voice and cute vivacious personality.
I just wanted to thank Teresa for the years of pleasure she has given me- I first ran across her singing in the 50's when I was a school teacher. I listened to her songs through my Ph.D. degree and when I was a professor. Thanks, Teresa, for the hours of pleasure you have given me.
My late husband and I picked many many of Miss Brewer's songs for the music at our wedding reception. On every anniversary, we would bring out the records and play them all over again. To this day, I love hearing every one of those old songs. I hope Miss Brewer is still singing.
Each Christmas in the '50s and '60s I used to play Teresa's Christmas LP to wake my children up on Christmas day. It started with Time to Get Up. I forgot about it and haven't played my LP in over 30 years. I have seven children in three areas of the country. Last Christmas we were in Pennsylvania visiting one of them. They asked about the record as they wanted their children and grandchildren to hear it. I found it last month and I am playing it now. So I will play it on Christmas Day for seven of my grandchildren and five of the great-grandchildren!
In the 50's, I waited by the record store door waiting for them to open on the day a new Teresa Brewer single was arriving, and I wasn't the only one! Her music has given me joy for 50 years.
CHICAGO, IL, USA(24Jul2002)
I'm a musician and have worked with some of the jazz greats of our time. Ms. Brewer did amazing things when she transitioned from pop to jazz in the late 1970s and 1980s. Her jazz recordings are the best of her very distinguished career. Is she working with jazz bands today?
BROOKLYN, NY, USA(26Mar2002)
I don't know if Teresa Brewer has even made a CD since I was born, but I just saw the pictures of her from her movie, and she is HOT! Can you hook me up with her daughters, or grand daughters?
Can you tell me, is Miss Brewer performing anywhere in the states, or better yet in the UK? She released many records here in the UK. I would most happily travel anywhere to see her on stage again. Thank-you for the website.
LINFIELD, KY, USA(21Nov2001)
Is Teresa Brewer's Christmas album for sale or do you know where I can buy copies? My whole family used to sit around at Christmas and sing along with Teresa on all those songs on the record. I would like to buy a copy for each of my brothers and sisters because it would bring back such good memories.