NOV 2007

Your Proudest "Hits"?
Do Others in Your Family Sing?
Do Your Daughters Look Like You?
How Many Versions of "Music!..."?
"Miss Music" Gown?

OCT 2007

Similar Singers of the '50s?
Would You Do It All Again?
Abbott & Costello Show?
"Pickle Up a Doodle"

SEP 2007

World Series / National Anthem
Dick Shawn Impression
Food Market Photo
"It Don't Mean a Thing..."

AUG 2007

"No Way Conway"
The Firehouse Five...
Singers That Inspired You?
"Cotton Fields" on YouTube

JUL 2007

First Professional Gig?
"Ridin' High" on CD?
Recording the "Coral" Sound?
TV: Live or Lip-Synch?

JUN 2007

"Cotton Fields"
About Coral Records Releases...
Wanting to See Teresa Live!

MAY 2007

Enjoying "Good News"
Teresa's Hits - Or Not!
Your Songs for Karaoke?
Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade
"I'd Like to Teach the World..."

APR 2007

Favorite "Non-Single" Song?
Favorite "Hit?"
Most Memorable Jobs?
We Miss Teresa!

MAR 2007

Any New CDs Coming?
"Colgate Comedy Hour" & '50s TV
Any Plans to Sing on PBS?
Do You Miss Performing?
Will 1970s Albums Be on CD?

FEB 2007

"Hello Bluebird" Request
"Those Redheads From Seattle"
TV Show "Songs For Sale"
Songs in Spanish
Tony Bennett?

JAN 2007


DEC 2006

"The Rock and Roll Waltz"
"Skinnie Minnie..."
Tongue Tapping

NOV 2006

Firehouse Five +2
Ever Live in PA or AR?

OCT 2006

Were You on "Your Hit Parade?"
First "Music Music Music" Album
"Music...?" or "Copenhagen?"
Your Cadillac?

SEP 2006

Dancin' to "Music Music Music"

AUG 2006

Snader Telescriptions
"Music..." on RCA
The Muppet Show?
Arthur Godfrey?

JUL 2006

Scheduled Performances?
"Totally Teresa?"
"Mutual Admiration Society"

MAY 2006

"Let Me Go Lover"
Were You On "Your Hit Parade?"
Till I Waltz Again with Teresa...
Your Favorite Album?
More "At Christmas Time"
Have You Visited Pawtucket RI?
Dad: Sweet Old-Fashioned Girl

APR 2006

"Somewhere There's Someone..."
It All Started with a Nickel...
Family Favorite
Tour in England?
"Those Redheads..." Screening
"Nora Malone"
A Gospel Album?
"When I Leave the World Behind"

MAR 2006

"At Christmas Time"
"The Fat Fat Man..."
Your Song About "Norman"?
Singing for Candy in Toledo?

FEB 2006

Ozzie & Harriet: Fans
State Theater, Hartford CT
Teresa Brewer Doll?
Recording with Julie Andrews?
Pillsbury Commercial?

JAN 2006

Back at Waite High School...
"Somewhere There's Someone..."
"I Love Mickey"
Concert/TV Show DVDs?
Albums Since the 1980s?

DEC 2005

Your Children?
Till I Fox-Trot Again With You
"Tonight I Sleep Alone"
"Aloha From Teresa"
"Happy Days"
"Ebenezer Scrooge"

NOV 2005

Vinyl "Test Pressings"
About Your Duets...

OCT 2005

Do You Play Guitar?
The Terry Tones
Do You Enjoy Your Schedule?
When are You Performing Again?
"Little Miss Dynamite"?

SEP 2005

"At Christmas Time"
"Rhode Island Redhead"
Thoughts on the "London" Songs?
Box Set of Coral Recordings
"I Gotta Go Get My Baby" - Gold?
Is Your Nickname "Tessie"?

JUL 2005

Is Elisabeth Hasselbeck a Relative?
Songs of Harry Warren
"Heavenly Lover" / "The One Rose"

JUN 2005

"Bobby's Girl" / Debbie Reynolds
What Are You Doing Now?
Ever Visit Toledo?
"When I Leave the World Behind"
Favorite Song / Meeting Elvis
Beauty Secrets
Here Chick! Chick!

MAY 2005

Regis Tackled?
"I Wouldn't Dream of It"