Teresa Answers Your Questions
Do Others in Your Family Sing?     (Nov 2007)

Q:   BETTY ANN:   You are such a wonderful singer, with a voice that’s so unique. Are there any others in your family who sing?

A:  TERESA:   “No, at least not professionally. My mother had a wonderful voice and taught me a lot of songs when I was a little girl. Many of them were obscure things like ‘Oceana Roll’ and ‘Nora Malone’ that I remember to this day. My mother sounded just like Kay Starr. And before Michelle was born, Kathy, Susie and Megan sang ‘Goodnight, God’ on our At Christmas Time album. As an adult, only Megan really showed an interest. She and Bob, Jr., performed three songs with me on the Music, Music, Music album (on the Amsterdam label in 1973): ‘Playground in my Mind’ ‘Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)’ and ‘Delta Dawn.’ And, they were terrific on those songs!”

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