Teresa Answers Your Questions
Do Your Daughters Look Like You?     (Nov 2007)

Q:   ERNA & WALLY:   We’ve never seen pictures of your daughters. Do they look like you? If so, they must be dolls!

A:  TERESA:   “They’re beautiful! They are so sweet and are very protective of me. I can see their father (Bill Monahan) and me in each one of them. Kathleen has dark hair and she looks the way I used to when I was young, before I dyed my hair from brown to red to strawberry blond to blond! (laughs) And Bob always said that Susan is the image of me – in my blond phase. Their father was blue-eyed and fair and I was a brunette with brown eyes. The girls’ coloring is a mixture of us both, and none of the four has the same combination. Kathleen has brown hair and brown eyes; Susan’s hair is blond and her eyes are blue; Megan is blond with darkish eyes; and Michelle is a blue-eyed brunette!”

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