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How Many Versions of "Music!..."?     (Nov 2007)

Q:   MAL (Australia):   Whilst visiting the Teresa Brewer Center yesterday, I heard your 1975 RCA remake of “Music! Music! Music!” for the very first time. What a great version!

Q:   BEVERLY:   How many times have you recorded your signature song, “Music! Music! Music!”? I thought I had heard them all but just recently discovered the rendition you did on Philips.

A:  TERESA:   “I’m pleased you liked the RCA version, Mal. We did it at a faster tempo than the original 1950 London Records version. I think that giving the song a bit more pep helped a lot. And, Beverly, I think, in all, we recorded ‘Music’ a half-dozen times. The second time was the rerecording for Coral in the mid-1950s a few years after I joined the label. The arrangement for the Coral version was similar to the London one. We had more instrumentalists accompanying me, though, than we had on the first one, but the arrangement was basically the same. And we increased the tempo for Coral. And then there was the one on Philips (1962), which you mentioned, using a then-popular ‘Nashville Sound’ arrangement. We also did a rock version for Amsterdam Records (1973) and, when disco became popular, we did that, too, on the Signature label (1976). I’m forever grateful that no one suggested a rap version! So, let’s see, London, Coral, Philips, Amsterdam, RCA, Signature. Is that six?”

Additional note: The original version of “Music! Music! Music!” reached #1 in 1950, selling close to two million copies and earning Teresa her first gold record. The rock version of the song, released in 1973, reached the top ten in Hong Kong and the Orient. Teresa’s 1976 disco version was a staple in discotheques in New York, San Francisco, and other major cities in the USA.

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