Teresa Answers Your Questions
Similar Singers of the '50s?     (Oct 2007)

Q:   RUSS:   Of all the “girl” singers who were popular in the 1950s, who do you think you were most like? Kay Starr? I know that Connie Francis gives you credit as being a big influence on her. I wonder if Brenda Lee does, too, because she rose to popularity after you, with a voice similar to yours in its power.

A:  TERESA:   “Kay Starr’s style of singing and mine are similar. We are both belters. I guess you could consider Brenda Lee a belter, too. And, to a certain extent, so is Connie Francis. The female singers who were popular back then were, I thought, tough. And I don’t mean that in a negative way. Tough, in that they were determined and ambitious, wanting so badly to succeed. I was never that way. And neither, I think, was Patti Page. Dinah Shore was tough. She was as sweet in person as she seemed to be on her television show. I liked her. And Rosemary Clooney was tough, too. Rosemary was the type of person that you’d like to visit with in the kitchen over a cup of coffee. She, at one time, wanted me to join her and Margaret Whiting and the comedienne, Rose Marie, in the national touring company of “Four Girls, Four.” This must’ve been in the early 1980s. Although I was very flattered to be asked, I didn’t want to do all that traveling.”

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