Teresa Answers Your Questions
Would You Do It All Again?     (Oct 2007)

Q:   ANDY:   Youíve had such a wonderful career as a singer, with all those hits and the countless appearances on television. If you had to do it all over again, would you do it any differently?

A:  TERESA:   ďThatís an interesting question, and itís one that I havenít really thought much about. I think if I were just starting out in singing, I would put more emphasis on my career than I did. I was a housewife and mother first, with singing as a sort of hobby that I enjoyed. Who knows, if I were to do it again maybe I would have promoted myself more as a performer and not have been as selective in accepting invitations for television appearances and the in-person engagements as I was. But, no matter what, my family would still always come first.Ē

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