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"Pickle Up a Doodle"     (Oct 2007)

Q:   PAM:   I’ve been a fan of yours since I was a little girl. You sang a song that I still sing today (to my children and grandchildren!), and I would like to purchase a CD containing that song. However, I am not sure what the title is. The song begins, “Did you ever hear the story of Belinda O. McCue? She was courted by the devil and she didn’t know what to do…” Can you help me locate this song? I’ve searched your web site. However, since I’m not sure of the title, I was not able to locate the song. Thanks so much.

A:  TERESA:   “(smiling and singing the chorus to herself) With a ho! double clipshaw, riggle up a doke, and a doodle and a daddle and a puffa my smoke…” (laughing) There are so many songs I’ve recorded that were much more popular than this one and had such simple lyrics, and yet, for some reason, these nonsensical words stick in my mind! The title of the song is ‘Pickle Up a Doodle.’ Unfortunately, I don’t know if it’s available on CD.”

Additional note:  "Pickle Up a Doodle" was released as a single in 1958 and barely cracked Billboard’s Hot 100 in September of that year. It peaked at #99! The song, which was included in the 1959 album, Heavenly Lover, can now be found only in the hard-to-locate compact disc, Teresa Brewer – The Singles.

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