Teresa Answers Your Questions
Dick Shawn Impression     (Sep 2007)

Q:   JIM:   I was watching one of Judy Garland’s hour shows from her series on CBS (1963-64). Judy’s guest on that particular show was the comedian, Dick Shawn, and they did a rather nice duet together. At one point, Dick Shawn decided to do some of his impressions of famous people. Judy would scream out the name of a celebrity and Dick Shawn would do ‘his thing.’ Can you guess what one of the names Judy screamed for Jim to impersonate? Teresa Brewer!! Did you know about this? Just thought you’d want to know in case you didn’t.

A:  TERESA:   “No, Jim, I had never known this or, if I did at the time, I’ve long since forgotten about it! Dick Shawn and I worked together a few times later on in the 1970s and I can just picture him on Judy Garland’s show. He was wild! Thanks for letting me know about it.”

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