Teresa Answers Your Questions
"No Way Conway"     (Aug 2007)

Q:   BETTY:   After hearing about it for years, I finally located “No Way Conway” on eBay. I noticed on the record label that you wrote it. The song is so catchy and the phrase, “No way, Conway, I ain’t gonna twitty tonight,” always makes me smile. Did Conway Twitty ever hear it and, if so, what did he think? I hope that the Teresa Brewer Center makes this rare song one of the songs-of-the-month some day so others can enjoy it, too.

A:  TERESA:   “Yes, Conway Twitty did hear the song and he flipped! He loved it. I wrote the song while sitting under the hairdryer. That’s where I composed it, ‘We Love You, Fats,’ and many, many other songs.”

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