Teresa Answers Your Questions
Singers That Inspired You?     (Aug 2007)

Q:   STAN:   Iíve read that a lot of famous pop singers give you credit as being a big influence on them. When you first started performing, what singer(s) inspired you? Was it Kay Starr? I think you and she have a similar style.

A:  TERESA:   ďMy mother had a beautiful voice. Since I was singing almost as soon as I could talk, Iíd have to say that she was my biggest influence. She taught me songs that I have sung all my life. I really didnít listen to other singers when I started performing as a very young child Ė I just opened my mouth and sang! Kay and I were contemporaries. We started having hits at about the same time so I canít say that she inspired me, but Iíve always admired her and enjoyed her singing.Ē

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