Teresa Answers Your Questions
TV: Live or Lip-Synch?     (Jul 2007)

Q:   HENRIETTE:   I thoroughly enjoyed your rollicking 1968 performance of "Cotton Fields” on a video that was recently put on YouTube. I was wondering if the singing was really live or, understandingly, lip-synched. There was not only no evidence of microphones for you and your male backup singers but there was energetic dancing involved as well. Whether live or not, it is terrific. I keep playing this catchy tune over and over, enjoying your rendition of it!

A:  TERESA:   “Thanks, Henriette. I performed ‘Cotton Fields’ live on that show (The Jackie Gleason Show). There were boom microphones out of camera range. The only times that I lip-synched to prerecorded songs were when I was on television shows that didn’t have a house band. For example, I lip-synched to ‘All of Me’ on Regis Philbin’s cable television show (The Regis Philbin Show) on the Lifetime channel in the early 1980s. Incidentally, the four main backup singers and dancers on the Gleason show were the Terry-Tones, a wonderful quartet of performers who traveled with me for years and who provided choral accompaniment on many of my recordings for Coral.”

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