Teresa Answers Your Questions
About Coral Records Releases...     (Jun 2007)

Q:   WAYNE (Illinois):   Many of your Coral albums collected previously released singles. My question is – did you, the artist, know beforehand when such albums were coming out, what they were being titled, and what would be included? I ask because many Motown artists have told me that the first time they would see an album – and even know an album was being released, or its title – was only after the album was in the stores. They also said the songs in most albums had been recorded over such lengthy periods of time, sometimes several years, that they couldn’t even remember having recorded some of the songs.

A:  TERESA:   “The people at Coral Records were good about keeping my husband and me informed of pending releases. I found it interesting to hear about the artists who couldn’t remember recording some of the songs that were released long after they were recorded. When I first saw a discography of my records years ago, I was flabbergasted at the number of titles I didn’t recognize at all. I had absolutely no recollection of recording so many of those songs! It’s somewhat of a relief that other singers have been in the same position.”

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