Teresa Answers Your Questions
Favorite "Hit?"     (Apr 2007)

Q:   BETSY:   I am one of your biggest fans and love all the different styles of songs that you have recorded over the years. Even though I wasn’t born when you had all those fabulous hits in the 1950s, I think I like those the best (and the Philips Records stuff a close second). Of the many, many hits that you’ve had, which one is your favorite? “A Tear Fell”? “Jilted”? “Music! Music! Music!”? “Ricochet”? “Pledging My Love”? “Milord”? My personal all-time favorite Teresa Brewer hit is “A Sweet Old Fashioned Girl.” Thanks for all the wonderful music, music, music.

A:  TERESA:   "‘A Sweet Old Fashioned Girl’ was a cute song and I really liked ‘A Tear Fell’ and ‘Milord,’ but my favorite, no question, is ‘Till I Waltz Again with You.’ It’s a beautiful song and I never tire singing it. And, of all the hits I had, I think it sold the most records. Well over two million copies."

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