Teresa Answers Your Questions
"Colgate Comedy Hour" & '50s TV     (Mar 2007)

Q:   TIM (Boston):   How was your experience on the Abbott and Costello TV show, The Colgate Comedy Hour in 1953? It seemed so wild but you were fantastic. My grown children (now 20 and 22) had never heard you sing and were riveted, exclaiming, “Oh, my gosh, she is so adorable. And that voice!” Truly amazing performances. I played drums for LaVern Baker for years. Had you two ever met?

A:  TERESA:   "No, I don’t recall ever meeting LaVern Baker although I think I covered some of her wonderful rhythm and blues hits, a practice that was common –- and, in retrospect, unfair -- in those days. I wonder if you played drums on her recordings. As for Abbott and Costello, well, they were extremely sweet – a little crazy (laughs) but very sweet. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them."

Q:   JIM:   I recently found an Abbott and Costello TV segment that you were on. I am in the television production side of the business and was wondering how working on TV in the ’50s differed from today.

A:  TERESA:   "Let me think. For one thing, in the 1950s, most of my appearances on television were live, which meant everything had to be perfect at the time the shows aired – not like most shows today which are mostly on tape. Today, if mistakes are made, or if other problems are encountered, segments can be retaped or edited in such a way as to make them as perfect as possible. By doing it live, there was added pressure that was put on the performer but, with that, a degree of excitement, too. And weren’t the sets in those days primitive!"

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