Teresa Answers Your Questions
Will 1970s Albums Be on CD?     (Mar 2007)

Q:   DAVE:   I love these albums you recorded in the early-to-mid 1970s: "Singiní a Doo Dah Song," "In London with Oily Rags," "Unliberated Woman" and "Music, Music, Music." Will we ever see these issued on CD, especially with some of your non-album singles of that time as bonus tracks? Who owns the rights to these recordings?

A:  TERESA:   "I honestly donít know if these albums will be released on CD. Most of the recordings that I made from the 1970s onward have been issued on compact disc so perhaps in time we will see these in that format, also. Other than the ones you asked about, I think the only ones that arenít yet available on CD are 'On the Road Again' (with Stephane Grappelli) and 'We Love You, Fats' (with Earl Fatha Hines). With music corporations regularly taking over other corporations, Iím just not sure who currently holds the rights to these recordings."

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