Teresa Answers Your Questions
TV Show "Songs For Sale"     (Feb 2007)

Q:   RANDALL:   On the Internet Movie Database website (IMDb.com), it shows that you appeared in 1952 on four episodes of the TV show, 'Songs for Sale.' I am wondering if you were a performer on it or if you were one of the industry professionals who rated the songs on the show. What are your memories of that program? Did you have fun? Did you ever record songs that you were introduced to on the show?

A:  TERESA:   "I haven’t thought of 'Songs for Sale' in a long time but I remember it well. The show spotlighted aspiring amateur songwriters whose songs were performed by professional singers on national television and were rated by a panel of judges. The winning song was guaranteed to be published. You might be interested in knowing that Rosemary Clooney and Tony Bennett were relatively unknown when they appeared on the series in 1950 or 1951, but both immediately attracted considerable attention and went on, as you know, to become major stars. I did record one of the songs that I introduced on the show: ‘Rhode Island Redhead.’ And, yes, it was a lot of fun!"

Q:   PHONSIE525:   I have been a fan of your recordings and appearances on TV. I first saw you on a program, Songs for Sale, where songwriters submitted their tunes and performers such as you sang them. The song you performed was called “Rhode Island Redhead.” Did it ever appear on one of your albums? I haven’t found it.

A:  TERESA:   "Yes, I recorded ‘Rhode Island Redhead’ and it was initially released as a single. Years later, it was one of the songs in a compilation of my Coral sides, but that particular album (Teresa Brewer on the Vocalion label) has not yet been released on CD."

Additional note:  “Rhode Island Redhead” is featured on Teresa’s CD "Longing for You."

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