Teresa Answers Your Questions
Songs in Spanish     (Feb 2007)

Q:   THEO (Netherlands):   I am an admirer of you and your songs. I remember that you have made songs in Spanish. Can you give me some titles, or better still, is there a CD that contains your Spanish songs? If so, please give me the title. Thanks in advance.

A:  TERESA:   "I think there are only two Spanish songs that I have recorded, and they werenít completely in Spanish. There were English words in them, too. The titles are ĎPoco Muchoí from my album with Duke Ellington, 'It Donít Mean a Thing If It Ainít Got that Swing,' and ĎGuantanamera,í which can be found in Singiní a Doo Dah Song.' The Ellington album is available on compact disc but Doo Dah isnít as of yet."

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