Teresa Answers Your Questions
"The Rock and Roll Waltz"     (Dec 2006)

Q:   LISA:   I just wanted to tell you that I recently rediscovered your music. My nine-year-old daughter, Julianne, is a performer and sings in oprys all over Texas. She loves live bands and each time she makes an appearance somewhere, people remark how much her sound and style remind them of you. Julianne recently captivated an opry audience singing "The Rock and Roll Waltz." If I can get a copy of her singing that song, I will send it to you. We will definitely search for more of your music to perform! Thank you for the wonderful music, which is now the inspiration of another young artist.

A:  TERESA:   "Julianne reminds me of me when I was that age. You know, I didn't record 'The Rock and Roll Waltz.' That was a big, big hit for Kay Starr. Over the years, people have mixed us up, which is really a compliment to me. At one point I thought I must've recorded 'Wheel of Fortune' because so many people told me it was their favorite song. Because people thought I did all of those Kay Starr songs, I should've done a medley of her hits in my act!"

Additional note:  In a 1958 issue of Teresa's Telgram, the bimonthly journal issued by the National Teresa Brewer Fan Club at the time, Teresa was asked in a questionnaire who her favorite singers were. Her answer? Perry Como and Kay Starr! People tend to confuse Teresa and Brenda Lee, also. When members of her audience ask Brenda to sing "Music! Music! Music!" or "Ricochet" for them, she doesn't hesitate to deliver.

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