Teresa Answers Your Questions
Tongue Tapping     (Dec 2006)

Q:   SANDRA:   I recently picked up a copy of your wonderful album, "American Music Box Vol. 1 -- The Songs of Irving Berlin," and I love it. On "Isn't It a Lovely Day?," I thought I heard someone tap-dancing, but when I read the liner notes, it stated: "Tongue Tapping -- Teresa Brewer." How did you learn to tongue-tap?

A:  TERESA:   "When I was a little girl, maybe five or six, I used to tap dance as well as sing. To help me get the rhythm of the song while practicing dancing, I used to make tapping sounds with my tongue. This helped me get the steps right. When I recorded 'Isn't It a Lovely Day?' in the 1990s, I hadn't done much tongue-tapping in years, but it came back to me quite easily."

Additional note:  Teresa also tongue-taps in the song, "Forty-Second Street."

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