Teresa Answers Your Questions
Firehouse Five +2     (Nov 2006)

Q:   ROSE ANN:   I am a big fan and my boyfriend is a huge film buff. We recently viewed a film with you, Joe Venuti and the Firehouse Five +2. Do you remember anything about this film? You sang many of your songs in it.

A:  TERESA:   "That was a Universal Pictures short that was done in 1951. In those days, such a short film was shown, along with newsreels, cartoons and coming-attractions, in movie theaters, usually between main attraction and the second feature. I haven't seen this film short in many years, probably going as far back as when it was made!"

Additional note:  On this 15-minute Universal short, Teresa sings "Music Music Music" and "Ol' Man Mose." The performance of "Ol' Man Mose" was included on a 1987 MCA video release titled "Swing: The Best of the Big Bands."

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