Teresa Answers Your Questions
Ever Live in PA or AR?     (Nov 2006)

Q:   ROSE ANN:   Hello, Teresa! I wonder if you ever lived in Finleyville, Pennsylvania. I have enjoyed your talent and songs for a long time. Thanks.

PHIL & MARGE:   We were fortunate to catch you at a club in Lake Tahoe in the 1960s. You were terrific and we were dismayed to hear that you were cutting back to be with your family in Arkansas. I don't read anything about Arkansas in your website, only Ohio and New York. We're a couple who will always love your music.

A:  TERESA:   "I've never lived in Pennsylvania or Arkansas. I grew up in Toledo, Ohio, where much of my family still lives, and have resided all my adult life in Westchester County in New York. Thanks so much for your kind words."

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