Teresa Answers Your Questions
Were You on "Your Hit Parade?"     (Oct 2006)

Q:   KAREN:   Hi, Teresa. I would like to know what TV show you performed on in the 1950s that advertised Lucky Strike cigarettes. I think the show would give the top ten or so hits of the week. Thanks.

A:  TERESA:   "The show you are talking about is 'Your Hit Parade,' which was very popular in the '50s. Because the show used four singers who were regulars and didn't feature guest artists, I never appeared on it. Perhaps you are thinking of one of the regulars on the show, Dorothy Collins, who was a label-mate of mine at Coral. Another of the four regular singers on it was Snooky Lanson. I made three or four records with Snooky in 1950 or so, soon after I joined London Records."

Additional note:  In 1950, Teresa recorded "Let's Have a Party" and "The Picnic Song" with Snooky Lanson, Claire Hogan and Bobby Wayne. The following year, she and Snooky released the duets, "A Penny a Kiss, A Penny a Hug" and "Hello." Besides Dorothy Collins and Snooky Lanson, the other two regulars on "Your Hit Parade" were Gisele MacKenzie and Russell Arms. Gisele had the distinction of singing her own #4 Billboard hit, "Hard to Get," on the show in 1955. She was the only singer on the show who had a song that was popular enough to be included in the top hits of the week.

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