Teresa Answers Your Questions
First "Music Music Music" Album     (Oct 2006)

Q:   MELANIE:   Your 1955 Coral album, "Music Music Music," was one of the first albums I ever listened to. I was six. It was a valued recording in my parents' collection and has left lasting and wonderful memories of my childhood. I still have that original LP but, unfortunately, it is no longer playable. Each and every one of the selections on it is wonderful. In my opinion, the songs on that album reflect the very depth of your soul and your love of music. I would truly love to be able to hear all of the heartrending songs again. (I specifically planted black-eyed Susans in my garden this year to remind me of a song on the record, "Where the Black-eyed Susans Grow.") Is there a chance that the album will be re-released?

A:  TERESA:   " 'Music Music Music' was my very first album of new material so it has a special spot in my heart. I'm pleased to hear that it means a lot to you, too. I don't own the rights to the songs that I recorded in the 1950s so I can't tell you if there are plans to release this particular album on CD in the future. As you, I hope so!"

Additional note:  There are rumblings that the Coral album of "Music Music Music" may be issued on CD in Great Britain in the next year or so. When and if this happens, you will surely read about it in the Teresa Brewer Center website. Stay tuned -- and keep those fingers crossed!

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