Teresa Answers Your Questions
"Music...?" or "Copenhagen?"     (Oct 2006)

Q:   GARY:   I read your comments regarding the London single "Music Music Music" backed with "Copenhagen." [See Teresa's Bio in LIFE.] However, it is not clear which song you're referring to as "a German-type song" with a tempo that is "just too slow." I assume you must mean "Copenhagen" as "Music Music Music" is clearly a non-German, rollicking, honky-tonk party-starter. If you were speaking of "Copenhagen," what was your first impression of "Music Music Music"? Did you prefer it over "Copenhagen?"

A:  TERESA:   "The song I was recollecting in that quote was, indeed, 'Music Music Music.' It was first played to me by a German musician and it had an oom-pah, oom-pah feel to it. I like the later Coral version of the song better because the faster tempo seemed more appropriate to the general feel of the song. Of the two songs, I preferred 'Copenhagen.' We had wonderful, wonderful jazz sidemen, Dixieland jazz musicians, in that and other London sessions. I've always enjoyed singing jazz and, early on in my career, 'Copenhagen,' was a staple in my act. I loved singing it."

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