Teresa Answers Your Questions
Your Cadillac?     (Oct 2006)

Q:   NICK:   I have an automotive repair and restoration shop in New Rochelle and have owned for the last 30 years what, I was told, was Teresa Brewer's 1960 Cadillac which you had ordered from Brennan Cadillac in Mount Vernon. Is this true? I still have the car in my auto repair shop and have no intention of selling it but I would like to know if it was really your car. Thanks.

A:  TERESA:   "We had a couple of Cadillacs around that time. I remember a white one and also one that was blue, almost a turquoise. I wonder what the color of this one is. I can't recall, though, where we got the cars but, possibly, it was from Brennan Cadillac."

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