Teresa Answers Your Questions
Snader Telescriptions     (Aug 2006)

Q:   JACK:   I am a 59-year-old guy who definitely remembers just how energetically successful you were...and still are! I have this memory of watching television as a kid way back in the early to mid-'50s. I remember being delighted when you would appear singing your latest hits in these short musical segments that seemed to be the precursor of today's MTV videos. These little films of you singing and dancing your way through your latest hits were really the highlight of my television viewing in those otherwise boring early days of TV programming. Do you remember filming these vignettes? What was that like? Were you paid for doing these little five-minute shows, or was it just a part of your record promotions deal? Thanks for being the super talent and super parent that you are, girl!

A:  TERESA:   "I believe what you are talking about are the 'Snader Telescriptions' in which I performed live my then current single releases. I did many of those little films in the early 1950s, and they were used as fillers for television stations to use. In those days, television programming was mostly live and sometimes a program ended earlier than anticipated. The station would then use these filmed transcriptions to fill out the time needed to complete a program. Was I paid for doing these transcriptions? [laughs] I was supposed to be, but often the check got lost in the mail!"

Additional note:  Selected performances from the "Snader Telescriptions," including Teresa performing "Music Music Music" are available on compilation videos titled "TV's First Music Videos: The Snader Telescriptions" and "Unforgettable Performances."

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