Teresa Answers Your Questions
Arthur Godfrey?     (Aug 2006)

Q:   JOHN:   I saw you on many television shows in the '50s. Did you ever get the opportunity to perform with Arthur Godfrey?

A:  TERESA:   "I think I performed with Arthur Godfrey once but I don't really recall any details. In 1957, when Mr. Godfrey took a leave of absence for health reasons from his Wednesday night variety program, 'Arthur Godfrey and His Friends,' I was the guest host for one of the shows. The main thing I remember about that particular show is the closing song. Joining me in singing 'Goodnight, God' were my three daughters, Kathy, Susie and Megan. (Michelle hadn't as yet been born.) The girls had stayed up late that evening and it was an enjoyable and memorable and special experience for us all."

Additional note:  Teresa's daughters -- Kathleen, Susan and Megan -- recorded "Goodnight, God" with vocal assistance from their mother.

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