Teresa Answers Your Questions
Scheduled Performances?     (Jul 2006)

Q:   SHERRI:   I have recently rediscovered your music, music that I listened to as a child 40 years ago. Do you ever sing in public venues? We have great casinos here in Albuquerque. It would be awesome if you did a show here. Thanks.

Q:  BRENDA:   Will you ever come to Tampa to perform? Wish you would. Florida is missing a great entertainer...you! Please come. You have many fans here. I am a very big fan and, believe it or not, I really have many of your old 78s and 45s.

Q:  BOB:   When was the last time you appeared in New England? We're starving for the wonderful type of entertainment that only you and a handful of performers can provide. We would all love to see you again in the Boston area.

Q:  RICK:   I have never had the pleasure of seeing you perform in person and hope that someday soon you'll be appearing here in Los Angeles. I would fly anywhere in the country to see you in person. You're wonderful!

Q:  KENNY:   It's been many, many years since you've make a public appearance here in Seattle. Please agree to come. We will give you a terrific welcome, even better than the one you enjoyed in the 1980s. I remember that you were the grand marshal in the big celebratory parade and rode around the city in an open convertible. What fantastic memories I have of that!

A:  TERESA:   "Thank you all. As of now, I have no plans to do any performing. I've told the Teresa Brewer Center that I will let it know if there is anything scheduled down the line. As of now, though, there is nothing. I appreciate all the invitations to visit your respective areas of the country, most of which I've been to and loved."

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