Teresa Answers Your Questions
"Mutual Admiration Society"     (Jul 2006)

Q:   BOB:   I was fortunate enough to know Gene Kelly during the last years of his life. You were his favorite female singer and he had, in particular, something very interesting to say about one of your big hits, "Mutual Admiration Society." He noted in a phone conversation that most versions of the song were duets but that yours was done solo. When I asked him why he thought that was, he answered: "It's obvious. Teresa Brewer had the only female voice strong enough to carry that song all by herself; she didn't need a male partner to make it work." I'd say his opinions on musical subjects mean something -- so that's a pretty nice compliment he paid you!

A:  TERESA:   "Thank you very much for telling me this, Bob. Although I had met Gene Kelly, I didn't know him. It pleased me to read his comments -- and that you were thoughtful enough to send them on to me."

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