Teresa Answers Your Questions
"Let Me Go Lover"     (May 2006)

Q:   CLAIRE:   I saw you perform on "The Ed Sullivan Show" and you sang "Let Me Go, Lover" that night. I think it was about the same time that Joan Weber recorded the song, too, but your version was by far superior. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy you, your singing, and everything about you. Thank you.

A:  TERESA:   "Joan Weber sang 'Let Me Go, Lover' on a Studio One television production (1954). I got a call that night at home from the people at Coral and the next thing I knew, I was in the studio recording a cover of the song. I think it was later that evening, or, at the latest, the next night after the song was first sung on Studio One. I recorded it, Patti Page recorded it, so did Peggy Lee and Sunny Gale. In those days, when there was a hot song out, all the record companies wanted it out on their labels. I'm glad you liked my version of the song. It's a favorite of mine."

Additional notes:  The song in question was originally written in 1953 as a country song, "Let Me Go, Devil," with the "devil" being the bottle. The lyrics were changed for the Studio One presentation. Joan Weber's version soared to the #1 position on the Hit Parade a few weeks after the TV show, with Teresa's version following right up there. Patti Page's recording was also in the top ten, behind Teresa's.

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