Teresa Answers Your Questions
Till I Waltz Again with Teresa...     (May 2006)

Q:   JOHN:   This is not a question but it is 15 minutes in my life that I have never forgotten. I was a 20-year-old kid in 1952, just back from Korea. One day I was walking by the USO Club on the Boston Common. I heard some good music coming out of the club so I stepped in to see what was going on. It was a dance. At that moment I saw a beautiful young girl standing alone by the wall. If I remember correctly, she was wearing a green sweater and had a small, yellow silk scarf around her neck. A little apprehensive, I finally went over and asked her if she would dance with me. To my surprise, she said "yes." I hoped it wouldn't end but it did. The leader of the band had asked if Teresa Brewer would come up and sing her new song, one that she had never sung in public at the time. Then, to my shock and surprise, you smiled, excused yourself, and went up on the stage. The song was "Till I Waltz Again with You." I have never forgotten that moment, and I have told my wife of 50 years about it many times. Thanks for the memories.

A:  TERESA:   "Oh, my, it almost sounds like a scene from a movie. Your wife is so fortunate to have such a sweet husband. Thank you for sharing this story."

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