Teresa Answers Your Questions
More "At Christmas Time"     (May 2006)

Q:   CARL:   Your Christmas album is quite unusual and is hard to find. Did you come up with the concept and choose your songs on that one?

A:  TERESA:   "We planned on making a Christmas album. We wanted it to be different from the other holiday albums that were on the market at the time, so we decided to do one with all original songs, written expressly for the album. We had two wonderful songwriters -- Ruth Roberts and Bill Katz -- who wrote a good portion of the songs that were used on 'At Christmas Time.' I was fortunate enough to co-write with Ruth and Bill three of the songs: 'Down the Holiday Trail,' 'Hush-a-Bye, Wink-a-Bye' and 'The Imp.' And Bob (Thiele) co-wrote a couple of the songs for the album, 'Umpteen Days Before Christmas' and 'The Gingerbread House.' Ruth Roberts and Bill Katz also created most of the dialogue that was used in-between the songs by my children and me."

Additional note:  The writing credit for "Umpteen Days Before Christmas" and "The Gingerbread House" is listed on "At Christmas Time" as Stanley Clayton, which is one of the pseudonyms that Bob Thiele used. The other was George Douglas. Stanley, Clayton, George and Douglas were the names of Bob's uncles.

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