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It All Started with a Nickel...     (Apr 2006)

Q:   BRENDA LEE B. (AUSTRALIA):   Today at work I was talking to a colleague about the spelling of the word "nickel." As we talked, he made a comment about "putting another nickel in..." This, of course, started us singing your song, "Music! Music! Music!" We continued singing some of your other songs, humming the tune when we couldn't remember the words. Out of frustration, I jumped onto the Internet to find song lyrics and, in doing so, I found this website.

I was born in 1961 and my parents -- especially my mum -- always had music playing in the house. My childhood was a happier and a more fun one with your songs being taught to me by my parents and having your music to listen to as I was growing up. Thank you.

Also, thank you to the person/people who put this website together. I've had the most enjoyable time going through your story and music. My very best wishes to you and your family.

PS: And, yes, my middle name really is "Lee"!

A:  TERESA:   "Thanks, Brenda Lee! The credit for the website -- which is wonderful -- goes to Chris Cotton. With the assistance of his father, Delbert, Chris created it a few years ago and he has maintained it beautifully ever since. I don't have a computer myself so I can't visit it on a regular basis but my daughters are always telling me how terrific it is."

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