Teresa Answers Your Questions
"Those Redheads..." Screening     (Apr 2006)

Q:   NORM (TORONTO, CANADA):   Hello, Teresa. This is actually more of a request than a question. I have just read in the Teresa Brewer Center website that there is going to be a 3-D film festival later this year and that "Those Redheads from Seattle" will be presented. So my request, dear Teresa, is please try and attend the festival. I would certainly love to see you there -- and if you're going, then so am I. You're terrific!

A:  TERESA:   "It was nice hearing from you again, Norm. The last I heard, you had taken early retirement. Bill tells me that you are back at work again and it pleases me that you are happy and healthy. Thanks so much keeping in touch!"

Additional note:  As of this writing, Teresa does not expect to be attending the film festival. If her plans change, the Teresa Brewer Center will make an announcement letting you know.

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