Teresa Answers Your Questions
"At Christmas Time"     (Mar 2006)

Q:   TONI:   I am 48 years old and remember listening to your album, "At Christmas Time," every year. Your wonderful music became a Christmas tradition in my family. Each Christmas, on Christmas morning, my Michael and Ashley awoke to your "Time to get up!" intro on the album. We listened to the album every Christmas morning as the kids opened gifts. The year after my mother passed away, I listened to the song, "My Christmas Rosary," and memories of my mother warmed our hearts. Now my children, 28 and 22, want to continue this tradition but the original album is not in the best of shape. We would like to know if we can purchase a CD of your wonderful album from the original 1957 release. Please help another generation enjoy your wonderful Christmas music.

A:  TERESA:   "The complete album of 'At Christmas Time' has not as yet been released on compact disc. Ten or so years ago, an abridged version was issued on CD by MCA Special Products. It does include my talking with my daughters between the songs but there are only ten songs on the CD. I think the original album had about 14. It would be nice to have the whole album on compact disc. Who knows, maybe one of these days it will be!"

Additional note:  The "abridged" version Teresa refers to was a 1993 CD titled "Down the Holiday Trail."

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