Teresa Answers Your Questions
Ozzie & Harriet: Fans     (Feb 2006)

Q:   BOB (Boulder, CO, USA):   Since everyone I know (myself included) lists you as their favorite singer of all time, I've been meaning to mention to you two fans you might not know you had: Ozzie and Harriet Nelson. I was fortunate enough to know Harriet during the latter part of her life. She liked melodic-pop music and, in particular, she liked you. In various phone conversations, she would always label you as her favorite singer, male or female. And she mentioned that Ozzie loved your voice as much as she did, saying that if he still had a big band in the mid-'50s, he would've hired you as his "girl singer." Just thought you might like to know all this.

A:  TERESA:   "I never knew this and am quite surprised. Thanks so much for sharing it with me."

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