Teresa Answers Your Questions
Pillsbury Commercial?   (Feb 2006)

Q:  PATTY:   Pillsbury commercials play a song that goes along with the little dough boy, something like this: "You've got possibilities, let us give it a try. I see possibilities more than meet the eyes." Is that you singing? Is it from one of your songs? I swear it is! By the way, my favorite song of yours when I was little was "Button Up Your Overcoat."

A:  TERESA:   "I haven't heard the Pillsbury commercial. In my act in the early 1960s, I opened the show with a song called 'You've Got Possibilities' but I never recorded it. In fact, I don't remember if the lyrics you quoted are from that song. If that is my voice you hear, I wonder where the company got it. I'll have to watch commercials more carefully and will get back to you if and when I hear this one!"

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