Teresa Answers Your Questions
"Somewhere There's Someone Who Loves You"   (Jan 2006)

Q:  TOM:   I own a 45 single of yours with a song on it called "Somewhere There's Someone Who Loves You." I love a great many of your recordings but I think this is my favorite. It's one of those songs that gives hope when you feel there might not be any left. To my chagrin, it has never been released on a CD or any other format. What is the origin of this beautiful song and how did you come to record it?

A:  TERESA:   "'Somewhere There's Someone Who Loves You" was co-written by my husband Bob (Thiele) and George Whitcup and I agree with you that it's a beautiful song. The record came out in 1972 and 'Somewhere There's Someone...' was the first song I recorded after having been out of the recording studios for a few years. My children, by that time, were pretty much grown and I returned to recording and performing on television and in concerts and clubs on a more regular basis then. One other thought: If I am not mistaken, Frankie Laine recorded the song a number of years before I did and I think it might have been a hit for him on the Easy Listening charts they had at the time."

Additional note:  Among other songs that Bob Thiele wrote or co-wrote is the standard, "What a Wonderful World," made popular by Louis Armstrong and recorded by over 100 artists since.

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