Teresa Answers Your Questions
"I Love Mickey"   (Jan 2006)

Q:  MIKE (NJ, USA):   What are your memories of recording "I Love Mickey"? Were you and Mickey Mantle in the studio together or was there some dubbing in advance?

A:  TERESA:   "I co-wrote 'I Love Mickey' after seeing Mickey Mantle play in Yankee Stadium. I kept singing the words 'I love Mickey' on the way home and, before I knew it, we had the first eight bars down! Ruth Roberts and Bill Katz, both wonderful songwriters and good friends of mine, had written many songs that I recorded and they were a big, big help with 'I Love Mickey.'

"Mickey was actually in the studio when we recorded the song. In fact, throughout the song, he had a little trouble coming in on the beat with the 'Mickey who?' bit. We had to point at him when it was time to do so! He was a good sport both on the playing field and in the recording studio, and we all had a lot of fun making the record."

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