Teresa Answers Your Questions
Albums Since the 1980s?   (Jan 2006)

Q:  MIKE (NJ, USA):   I have been a huge fans of yours since "Music! Music! Music!" was playing on the jukeboxes. Have most of your recordings if not all. You've given me and all of your fans many pleasurable hours. Are you still recording? I love the Fats Waller album that you did in the 1980s. Any since?

A:  TERESA:   "I've done many since that album with Earl Fatha Hines ('We Love You Fats'). The last one was recorded in the 1990s called 'American Music Box, Volume 2: The Songs of Harry Warren.' In between the Fats Waller one and Harry Warren were a dozen or so others. At present, I do not have any upcoming recording dates scheduled."

Additional note:  A complete Teresa Brewer Discography, including all of her albums recorded after "We Love You Fats," is located in the MUSIC section of the website.

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