Teresa Answers Your Questions
Till I Fox-Trot Again With You   (Dec 2005)

Q:  LOWELL:   How come your song, "Till I Waltz Again with You," is a fox-trot? I never thought to listen to the beat, although it is one of my favorite songs. (It made my knees buckle when I heard you sing it.) When I asked the combo to play it at a recent dance, the director started it and said to the dancers, "Hey, this is a fox-trot!" Even he did not realize it. Thanks for all the memories from my army days in the 1950s. Good health.

A:  TERESA:   "Yes, 'Till I Waltz Again with You' is a fox-trot. I don't know why Sidney Prosen, the writer, didn't give it a waltz tempo. When he first sang it to me in an elevator, it sounded like a country song and I didn't realize until we were actually in the recording studio that it wasn't a waltz! Waltz or fox-trot, it's a beautiful song, and I think it's my favorite from those days. (Incidentally, a year or so later Mr. Prosen wrote 'Our Heartbreaking Waltz' for me and that was indeed a waltz!)"

Additional notes:  "Our Heartbreaking Waltz" was the flip side of "Bell Bottom Blues," one of Teresa's double-sided hit records. "Bell Bottom Blues" reached the Top Twenty on the charts in 1954, and "Our Heartbreaking Waltz" peaked at #23. "Till I Waltz Again with You" was at the top of the charts for seven weeks in early 1953.

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