Teresa Answers Your Questions
"Tonight I Sleep Alone"   (Dec 2005)

Q:  CARL (Minnesota):   One of my favorite songs of yours is "Tonight I Sleep Alone," from your 1977 "New Album" on the Image label. How did you come to record this very adult song, and what was the reaction to it upon its release? Great production and powerful singing.

A:  TERESA:   "That is a song I first heard in Italy when my husband Bob and I were traveling there. We both fell in love with it. It was sung in Italian and we had no idea what the lyrics were so we sought out the song and had English words written especially for that dramatic melody. Because of the strong adult content of the lyrics, a lot of the radio stations across the country would not play it. In fact, it was banned in Toledo on radio station WSPD, the very station where I used to sing as a small child. The station manager at the time even issued a press release stating reasons why the song wouldn't be part of their scheduled play list. Times have certainly changed!"

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