Teresa Answers Your Questions
"Happy Days"   (Dec 2005)

Q:  HELEN (Baltimore, MD):   I grew up with your music in the '50s and loved it. I notice on the credits of the reruns of "Happy Days" that your name appeared with some other artists. Lately, however, I don't see your name. Is there a reason?

A:  TERESA:   "When 'Happy Days' was on the air years ago, they asked me to rerecord some of my old songs to be used on the soundtrack. I can't even remember what songs I did for the show. These songs were heard on, I think, a couple of seasons of the show, and it's on those two years' worth of shows that you'll see my name in the closing credits. If you don't see me listed in the credits, the shows you are watching were from earlier or later seasons."

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