Teresa Answers Your Questions
"Ebenezer Scrooge"   (Dec 2005)

Q:  RON:   Do you think your Christmas song, "Ebenezer Scrooge," will ever be re-released? I believe that now is the time to put that beautiful voice of yours back into Christmas. Whenever I find a Teresa Brewer record or tape, I buy it. I even have the video of the Abbott and Costello Show (1953) on which you were a guest. Thank you for all you have given.

A:  TERESA:   "I haven't heard that they are going to reissue 'Ebenezer Scrooge' but lots of times I'm the last to know! It's a cute song. I recorded over a dozen Christmas songs so, all together, they would make a pretty complete set for a holiday-season compact disc. It would be nice to have them for you, and for my great-grandchildren, too."

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