Teresa Answers Your Questions
Vinyl "Test Pressings"   (Nov 2005)

Q:  RICHARD:   Hi, Teresa! Yesterday in a local flea market I purchased an apparent acetate of yours -- an old 78 of "Grizzly Bear" backed with "Jazz Me Blues." It is an original 10" recording marked "WMGM Recording Studios." Can you possibly provide some background on this item? I am not quite sure if this was intended to be a demo or what, but your input will be most valued. Thanks in advance. I love your work!

A:  TERESA:   "Thanks. From your description, it sounds as if what you have are test pressings of those two songs. These pressings are done regularly by the record companies. They give the companies an idea of what the record that is finally pressed will sound like. They check very carefully to be certain that the final pressing of the record sounds as perfect as it possibly can be."

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