Teresa Answers Your Questions
About Your Duets...   (Nov 2005)

Q:  DALE:   Hello, Teresa. I stumbled upon your fan club website and was happy to find out that you're well. I was always, and still am, a great admirer of yours and have many fond memories of your recordings. My favorite among your albums is "When Your Lover Has Gone" (I love the cover) and I particularly liked your way with ballads. You did some duets early in your career, both on the London and the Coral labels. Some were with Bobby Wayne and some with Don Cornell (I remember "You'll Never Get Away" was a big hit.) Were there any other singers you'd have liked to have recorded with, even if they weren't on the same label? I always thought you and Guy Mitchell would have been a nice combination.

A:  TERESA:   "Oh, dear, I've never thought about it. I sang a few times on TV with Perry Como and we both enjoyed it. I remember that we did 'Mutual Admiration Society together once. And, of course, Guy Mitchell and I had a duet in 'Redheads' -- a pretty song called 'I Guess It Was You All the Time.' When Mel Torme and I had a TV series in the 1950s, we usually sang one song together per show, which was nice. It was the same with the TV series I had a few years later with Tony Bennett. Many, many years later, I had a ball singing ragtime songs with George Segal!"

Additional notes:  Perry Como, Guy Mitchell, Tony Bennett and Mel Torme were not under contract with Teresa's label and thus were not recorded with her. Teresa's versions of "Mutual Admiration Society" and "I Guess It Was You All the Time" were released as solo efforts. Teresa and Mel Torme were the stars of "Summertime USA" which aired each Tuesday and Thursday during the summer of 1953; "Perry Presents," the 1959 summer replacement for "The Perry Como Show," had Teresa and Tony Bennett as its hosts. George Segal's 1974 album, "A Touch of Ragtime," featured Teresa and George singing three songs, including "Alexander's Ragtime Band."

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