Teresa Answers Your Questions
The Terry Tones   (Oct 2005)

Q:  "mustpray1st2":   I recently found Teresa Brewer's fan club web site and enjoyed looking at the pictures. Can you tell me who the man with his hand on his face is in the foreground in the 1960 "Ridin' High" photo?

A:  TERESA:   "That's Dan Tatum, one of the Terry Tones. The Terry Tones were a male singing group who used to travel with me in the late 1950s-early 1960s. There were usually four of them but sometimes we had as many as six. They sang background vocals and at times even danced with me during specialty or mini-production numbers, usually at the finale of the act. On occasion, the Terry Tones even provided back-up vocals on some of the Coral recordings."

Additional notes:  Check out the photo gallery here at the Teresa Brewer Center. There you will see pictures of Teresa performing at the Sahara Hotel in 1961 with Mr. Tatum and the other Terry Tones. See PHOTOS > Teresa Gallery > Performances > Sahara 1961.

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